My name is Trevor Boehm.  I am a high school teacher in Prairie Rose School Division, with a rather non-traditional teaching assignment.  I teach students in 18 different physical locations using a mix of videoconferencing, online learning, and in-person activities.

Other than that, I’m also…

  • A member of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society and the Prairie Rose Teachers’ Association.
  • A student at the University of Manitoba, currently finishing up my Post-Bac Certificate and contemplating a possible Masters in Ed Admin.  PBDE is done, hopefully I’ll still be a student at the U of M though, I have applied to the Masters program.
  • A staff member with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program, which I’ve been involved with in some way since I was 12.  Currently I am the Training Officer of 350 RCSCC TRANSCONA.
  • A big proponent of using technology to empower students and enhance learning.  Adobe Connect and Moodle are the bread and butter of much of my current teaching role.
  • A Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan, though I will admit it is tough at times.

Though I’m associated with a bunch of organizations, I don’t speak for any of them.  My opinions and thoughts are my own.

Over the years, I’ve borne witness to some incredibly rich and thought-provoking online conversations about teaching, learning, and leadership.  And while I’ve benefited greatly from the wisdom of my online colleagues as a more-or-less passive observer, I’ve had this niggling feeling for a while now that I really ought to join the conversation in a more active way.

My job is to facilitate student learning and leadership across physical space… seems to me it’s only fitting that my professional learning and collaboration also go beyond the walls.  And so,  here we go.


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