I thought I knew PowerPoint…

I’ve been playing with the idea of putting together a short video to present class expectations to students… y’know, the “attend class, hand in assignments, ask questions, be nice to each other” ground rules.  I want to do something that’s more engaging than just a paper document, and I don’t want to take a huge amount of class time to develop these expectations with students.  I’m hoping to create something that will be a bit unique, flashy, and attention-grabbing.  Plus I think playing with digital media is kind of fun.

My big question was “okay, what program do I want to use?”.  I have Premier, but I’m not planning on using any actual video, so this seems like overkill.  And I have Flash, which could probably do what I want, but it doesn’t have much in the way of built-in effects.

What about PowerPoint?  To be clear, I don’t want what I create to look like a “traditional” PowerPoint.  At all.  But PowerPoint has some reasonably advanced animation features.  Still, I wasn’t sure it would be up to the challenge.  Then I stumbled across this…

All I can say is “wow”.  I thought I knew PowerPoint… but apparently I still have a lot to learn.


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High school teacher. Techie. Cadet leader. Bomber fan.
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