Hello world

Well, after many years thinking I should start up a blog and join the rich and vibrant conversations taking place online, I can cross this goal off my to-do list.

At the risk of repeating what I’ve already written on the “About” page, my goal with this blog is to learn, hopefully to grow as an educator and leader, and if I’m really fortunate, to contribute something meaningful to the mix every now and again.

Just as my in-person identity is important to me, so too is my online identity.  I’m a professional, and I’ve spent the last few years telling colleagues and students that they should not post anything online they would not want appearing on the front page of the newspaper.  I’ve told my employer and colleagues about this blog… and while I’m not going to advertise this place to my students, I have no doubt that someone will find it eventually.  So “professional” and “collegial” is the standard I’m holding myself to here.

I can’t promise that updates will necessarily be frequent, or that I’ll have anything to say that is worthwhile.  This is mainly for myself to reflect on some of the issues affecting public education today.  Having said that, I like to be useful, and hope that over time I will be able to give something back to the online community I have benefited from.


About tkboehm

High school teacher. Techie. Cadet leader. Bomber fan.
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